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Craniosacral therapy assists the pregnant woman along her journey into mothering by releasing restrictions in the body and pelvis to co-create an optimal birthing experience.

During pregnancy, one of the primary focuses is to release restrictions in the pelvis to resolve back and hip pain and tension and to prepare for an optimal labor and birth, including promoting optimal fetal positioning. Craniosacral bodywork assists the baby in the womb to have optimal labor, birth and bonding.

Craniosacral supports the pregnant woman’s inner resources for health, facilitating global balance in the body, heart and spirit

Through light touch, a therapist can balance the pelvis and uterus in pregnancy to ease and prevent ligament pain, posterior babies and low back, hip or rib pain. During labor and birth, women have obtained profound benefit from midwives and doulas trained in craniosacral therapy who are able to support them with comfort measures to balance and unwind the pelvis, uterus and sacrum.

 MUM & BABY – 4th Trimester

Sometimes your vision of your loving and bonding birth doesn’t go as planned. There can be a disruption to the natural process for various reasons. This can prevent the “hormonal womb” from fully coming into being. This is the bond that will bind Mum and baby – the “honeymoon” process can last 12-16 months. This emotional bond needs the appropriate hormones to be produced. CranioSacral supports the bonding process and releases any stress in Mum or baby that is in the way  The first 3 months after baby is born is known as the 4th trimester. At this time Craniosacral therapy is even more effective for infants when Mum is simultaneously treated. Mum can be treated while holding the baby or while the baby lies on the Mum’s belly; the baby also receives treatment this way. It is ideal that baby receives a treatment the within the first few days of life.

In an ideal world, all pregnant women and infants would receive craniosacral therapy to promote healthy births, babies and families, thus saving on health care costs in the long run!

A session runs for 60 minutes. This includes going through your health consultation at the first session. It is important to remember that the treatment will cause lasting effects so you will continue to experience re-balancing and integration for at least 36 hours after the actual treatment.

This varies according to why you are coming for Craniosacral Therapy. Generally speaking the longer a person has had a problem the longer it will take to treat. Most people with a specific complaint will have several treatments at weekly intervals until some definite improvement is maintained, before decreasing the frequency of treatment. After a course of treatment, many people will still choose to come for Craniosacral Therapy on a monthly or seasonal basis to maintain health.

CranioSacral Therapy for
Family €90 Pregnancy €80

A family session can be Mum and baby. Siblings together. Parent and child.</p> <p>The first 3 months of baby's life is seen as the 4th trimester. A treatment together deepens the loving Mum & baby bond.

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